At Emmaus Road Church, we preach from the Bible in an expository manner. In other words, we normally preach through a book of the Bible or section of Scripture, and we always seek to make the point of the text become the point of the sermon.

Daniel 7 “Kingdom 101” (Kings & Kingdoms)

This passage shows us that God stands in judgment against the kingdoms of the earth. He speaks definitively against them by setting up his kingdom in their midst. By this text, God intends to assure us that he is concerned with world history and will bring about real change in it.

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Daniel 1 “Back to Babylon”(Kings & Kingdoms)

What does faithfulness look like in hard times? The prophet Daniel helps us answer this question as we see how he was faithful in Babylon. When he was called upon to identify himself with a pagan king, he stood his ground and identified himself with his God. As we consider how we are to remain faithful in hard times, we must seek to honor our God in all we do, knowing that he has placed Jesus on the throne and that he deserves our full allegiance.

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