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Passage: Mark 12:18-27

Jesus is the authority in this life and the next

In Mark 12:18-27, we are introduced to the Sadducees, a ruling sect with ties to the priesthood and the temple. The Sadducees have religious governing authority in Jerusalem and they seek to use that authority to confront, confound, and discredit Jesus. They propose to Jesus a seemingly impossible scenario using an Old Testament law and what they believe about marriage and the resurrection. However, they were not prepared for an encounter with true authority and real power in the person of Jesus!

Eternity isn’t going to be anthropocentric. It is going to be Christocentric! The Resurrection is not based on us (anthropocentric) but on God’s Word and God’s power. Or, more simply, on Jesus, who is God’s Word and God’s power!

  1. There are opposing authorities
  2. God’s power is authoritative
  3. God’s Word is authoritative



Micah Forsythe

Micah Forsythe

Interim Pastor