Our Heart for Children

Children are precious at Emmaus Road Church of Bozeman. We understand the privilege of parenthood and the charge to raise kids with a God-honoring, biblical worldview. We don’t want to just find a way to “deal with” kids at church – we want to include them. We want to shepherd them.


During our Sunday Celebrations, we provide nursery for kids up to age four. The youngsters will be closely supervised and provided age-appropriate toys to play with. Our volunteers don’t mind changing diapers!

Ages 9+

We are convinced that children are usually a bit smarter than we often give them credit. Once a child reaches age nine, we expect that child to transition from children-specific programs during the church service and begin listening to the preaching of God’s Word in the main room. Not only does this benefit the learning child, but it reminds and encourages our pastors to communicate plainly and not be wasteful with words.

*All children’s workers have completed background checks.