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Passage: Mark 11:27-12:12

Because Jesus has sovereign authority, we must acknowledge his authority.

In Mark 11:27-12:12 we continue to see Jesus deal with unfaithful Israel. As Jesus walks into the temple, the very place where the presence of God was to dwell, His authority is challenged by the religious leaders. Jesus then goes on to tell a judgment parable against them, revealing to them that they have turned from God and in doing so they have rejected the one who has sovereign authority. Instead of repenting, they continue to reject Christ in the hardness of their hearts. May we turn from our misunderstanding of authority and submit to Christ who has been made both Lord and Christ by the Father.

Jesus produces true kingdom fruit that is for all people to come and feast from.

  1. Jesus’ authority challenged
  2. Jesus’ authority rejected
  3. Jesus’ authority established



Trent Powell

Trent Powell

Associate Pastor