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Passage: Isaiah

The Virgin conception and birth is the confluence of God’s unfolding promise plan

By the end of the Old Testament, the question still remains: How was God going to bring about His promises when they are dependent upon a “seed of the woman,” a human, to fulfill them? Humans only botch things up. In today’s sermon, we consider the virgin conception and birth of Jesus and why it matters in light of the covenant promises found throughout redemptive history.


  1. A virgin conception and birth displays God’s power
  2. In the Virgin Birth, God was creating a sacred place
  3. The Virgin birth was necessary because God was bringing His presence in a person

Just as Jesus participated in our humanity by taking on flesh and dwelling among us, so now, because of His humanity, we are vicarious participants in the divine love relationship of the Trinity in Christ!



Micah Forsythe

Micah Forsythe

Interim Pastor