Ecclesiastes Sermon

Ecclesiastes 5:8-6:12 “Wealth Under the Sun”

As we live this life “under the sun,” the temptation is to believe that if we just had enough wealth, enough stuff, then we would be happy and have lasting joy. Solomon dispels this myth by showing us three problems with wealth and the key to enjoying true wealth.

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Ecclesiastes 3:1-22 “Redeeming Our Time”

The Lord has put eternity into the heart of man. We were made to long for Him because we are made for Him. How foolish we are to seek finite things to fill our infinite longing! May the Lord sour our taste for lesser things, that we might enjoy the sweetness of Him in the midst of Hevel.

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Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 “All Is Vanity”

As we go through Ecclesiastes, we are going to consider what it means to find joy in a fallen world. Solomon reveals to us that life is meaningless apart from God. If we try to find meaning in anything else, we will be stuck in a monotonous cycle of vanity until we return to the dust from which we came.

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