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Passage: Mark 10:46-52

True disciples must have eyes to perceive the Kingdom

  1. We perceive the Kingdom through eyes of obedience
  2. The Kingdom of God cannot be discerned through fleshly eyes
  3. True disciples perceive the Kingdom through eyes of faith

In the final story of “Act 2” in Mark’s Gospel, we encounter Bartimaeus, who, although physically blind, has greater insight into who Jesus is than the disciples who have spent the last 3 years with Jesus. A poor, blind beggar proves to be more of the ideal disciple than those closest to Jesus! Through the example of Bartimaeus, we can better learn what it means to follow Jesus.

The disciples had Jesus right in front of them for years, and they missed Him. They saw with their own eyes, but they continually missed Him because they saw Him only with earthy eyes. We have a fuller revelation of Jesus in the Word of God, yet how often do we miss Him because we don’t spend time with Him in His Word?



Micah Forsythe

Micah Forsythe

Interim Pastor