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Passage: Genesis 1-3

The Origin of Christmas begins in Genesis

There are many theories and speculations as to the real origin of Christmas. Most Bible-believing Christians point to the Gospel accounts in the New Testament, especially Matthew and Luke’s nativity narratives, as the origin of Christmas. But John’s “genealogy” points to a much more ancient origin. One that goes all the way back to the very beginning.

  1. Christmas has its origin in a place
  2. Christmas has its origin in a people
  3. Christmas has its origin in God’s Presence
  4. The Origin of Christmas is ultimately rooted in our need for Christmas

Genesis 3:15 is the seed of God’s relentless promise to recreate for Himself a place where His people might dwell with His presence in harmony and peace forever!


Genesis 1-3 "The Origin of Christmas" Advent 2023

by Micah Forsythe | The Story of Christmas - Advent 2023


Micah Forsythe

Micah Forsythe

Interim Pastor