New Testament Sermons

Mark 6:14-29 “Middle Ground?”

Message DetailsPassage: Mark 6:14-29 Can I be neutral toward the Kingdom? Neutrality is actually antagonism. Neutrality is really moral corruption. Neutrality does not last forever. King Herod is an interesting figure in the gospel narrative. When we read about his...

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Mark 4:35-41 “Who can this be?”

He is a merciful king who will not leave you. Trust in the one who commands the storm. Trust in the one who commands the nations and they obey. Trust in the one who defeated sin.
The one who put death’s dark shadow to flight.

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Mark 4:21-25 “An Impossible Task?”

As we go into the world, seeking opportunities for kingdom growth, we do so with the full expectation that God is going to do what he says he will do. He will reveal the mystery of the gospel to many people until the day he returns.

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