Psalm 1 “The Believers Delight”

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Psalm 107 “That Which Never Changes”

We as human beings foundationally orient ourselves to things we perceive are unchanging. But the only things that truly never change are the things rooted in the nature and character of God. In the Gospel of Jesus Christ God welcomes lost afflicted hopeless slaves of sin to cry out to him in repentance and promises that he will respond on the basis of his unchanging love. In Psalm 107 we see God in love deliver his people. We see God in love providentially determine all our days. and we see that it is that same unchanging love of God that moves us to live lives that reflect that divine love for our neighbors.

Psalm 133 “The Unified Church”

Brothers don’t dwell in unity. They let personal feelings, preferences, and bitterness get in the way of moving forward together on mission. This psalm shows us God’s perspective on unity. We see how valuable it is and why it matters to him. If unity among God’s people is so important to him, shouldn’t it be very important to us, as well?