Passage: Psalm 62

Direct your hearts to God: the only trustworthy refuge.

  1. God is a trustworthy refuge.
  2. Man’s need for a trustworthy refuge.
  3. The temptation of false refuges.

God made mankind as a creature in need of refuge so that humanity could find refuge in God. But as sinners, we tend to seek refuge from that which is closest. Psalm 62 shows us that created things (particularly other people and money) make horrible refuges because they do not have what our souls need. It is God alone who possesses absolute power and steadfast love, making him the only unchanging trustworthy refuge for the human soul.

Jesus in his perfect life, substitutionary death, and glorious resurrection is God as refuge extended to humanity. When we repent and turn to him we are welcomed to experience God as refuge.



Corey Newland

Corey Newland

Guest Speaker