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Passage: Ecclesiastes 1:12-2:26

The Meaning of Meaninglessness “Under the Sun”

  1. Solomon’s Experiment (1:12-18)
  2. Building Sandcastle Kingdoms on the Shore “Under the Sun” (2:1-11)
  3. The Weakness of Wisdom “Under the Sun” (2:12-17)
  4. Disappointment of Legacy “Under the Sun” (2:18-24)
  5. Meaning in Meaninglessness (2:24-26)

The book of Ecclesiastes is a unique book in the canon of Scripture because of its overt pessimistic perspective. But the preacher is only telling us the harsh truth- we have been exiled from Eden and all of our best attempts to recreate Eden are worthless. However, understanding the Hebrew word Hevel, most often translated as “Vanity” or “Meaningless,” and the Hebrew phrase “Under the sun” allow us to unlock the mystery of finding lasting joy in our world East of Eden.


Ecclesiastes 1:12-2:26 "The Meaning of Meaninglessness “Under the Sun”"

by Micah Forsythe | Ecclesiastes


Micah Forsythe

Micah Forsythe

Interim Pastor