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Passage: Daniel 4:1-37

Because God is sovereign over all, even kings must be humbled before him.

Humble yourself before God Almighty.
MP1: God Almighty rules over all things.
MP2: God Almighty is merciful to sinners.
MP3: God Almighty faithfully forgives.

Can a king be humbled? Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, certainly was! This was a man who, at times, acknowledged God as real and powerful. Ultimately, though, the king would not give his allegiance to the one, true God exclusively. He wanted to maintain power and authority over his own life and his own kingdom. God, however, sought to win Nebuchadnezzar for himself, so he sent him through a season of humiliation, proving his own complete sovereignty and power over all things, including the earthly king’s life and the Kingdom of Babylon.

Are we so different? Don’t we all have aspects of our life that we want to keep away from God, ruling over them as little kings and queens? When we keep anything from God, we are actually declaring ourselves as lords and are making very little of who God truly is. Today, God’s call to us is one of seeing him as glorious, seeing ourselves as small, and giving him the entirety of our little kingdoms, bringing them under his rule and dominion.


Daniel 4:1-37 "When A King Is Humbled: Part 1" (Kings & Kingdoms)

by Joel Carlson | Daniel: Kings and Kingdoms


Joel Carlson

Joel Carlson