Mark 12:13-17 “Render to whom it is due”

Mark 12:13-17 is situated amid a series of 7 escalating conflicts between Jesus and the religious leaders. After failing to confront Jesus directly, the Sanhedrin sends the Pharisees and Herodians to trap Jesus in His word as they question Him about the theological legality of the people of God paying tribute to pagan government through taxes.

Mark 11:12-25 “False Fruit”

In Mark 11:12-25, we meet a side of Jesus we haven’t encountered before. Jesus curses a fruitless fig tree and then enters the temple to flip tables and drive our money changers and merchants. Jesus is jealous for the glory of God, and won’t put up with our fruitless worship and self-serving religion. Jesus calls His disciples to flee from condemned false fruit and put their faith in God’s presence, that is Himself.