Exodus 35-40 “Wilderness Rhythms”

In this text, we see Israel doing things the right way. They are repentant, they rest in God, they are stirred toward service, they serve, and they follow his word. Even so, Moses can not enter the Tabernacle. Where does that leave us? We see that even when things went right under the Old Covenant, they would not satisfy eternally. We glory in the gospel and the finished work of Jesus, which does eternally satisfy.

Exodus 32 “Prone to Wander, Part 1: The Golden Calf”

Immediately after receiving God’s law, Israel turned away in worship of a false God. How could this happen? What does this reveal about the hearts of those involved? What about our hearts? When we examine the scene and the rest of Scripture, we see that what Israel did was not specific to them. Rather, we all are prone to turn away from God in worship of other idols, and we deeply need a savior to save us from our sin.