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Passage: Mark 8:1-26

See Jesus!

Kingdom citizens trust the king to meet the needs of others through the means of his people.

  1. Jesus is a compassionate shepherd
  2. Jesus is a suffering king
  3. Jesus is a life transforming savior

In Mark’s gospel, we are learning about who Jesus is. However, in chapter 8, we see that the Pharisees and the disciples are blind to who Jesus is. They do not understand why he came and what the messiah has to do in order to save his people. Despite their blindness, Jesus still works through his disciples to miraculously feed a massive crowd, teaching them what they will do when he departs from them. Teaching them that though they do not get it now, they will soon feed the nations the bread of life, through the preaching of the gospel. In this text, we get a glimpse of the compassion that Jesus has towards broken people and it is the same compassionate Jesus who is the savior of our souls.



Trent Powell

Trent Powell

Associate Pastor