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Passage: Luke 24:13-35

This city needs a church distinctively marked by:

  1. A Culture of Grace
  2. God’s Story Line
  3. Centrality of the Gospel
  4. The Bible
  5. Head AND Heart
  6. Hospitality

May you always be – culture of grace, oriented according to the story line of God, built on, established by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in reliance upon the power of God’s Word, with a balanced emphasis on head AND heart, displaying the living, saving, life transforming reality of our Lord Jesus Christ. My dear friends, you are Emmaus Road Church.


Luke 24:13-35 “You Are Emmaus Road Church”

by Greg Dirnberger | The Gospel of Luke


Greg Dirnberger

Greg Dirnberger

Church planter and senior pastor of Emmaus Road Church, in Sioux Falls, SD.