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Passage: Mark 6:45-56

Where is Jesus in the storm? 

Because Jesus is Lord of all storms and trials, we receive and endure them for our good. 

  1. Jesus ordains the storm. (Providence)
  2. Jesus rules the storm. (Governance)
  3. Jesus calms the storm. (Dominance)

In Mark 6:45-56, the disciples are caught in a storm on the lake again. Jesus comes to them and brings peace to the storm. Is that all there is to this story? Did Jesus see an opportunity to rescue his friends, and so he did, reacting to the adverse weather? There is much more going on in this passage! When this story is inspected a bit more closely, we see that Jesus orchestrated the entire event for the sake of bringing himself glory and ministering to his disciples, who did not yet understand who he was. What about the storms we face in life? Does God rule over those, and are they meant for our good? Let this text show you that God always has the best interest of his people in mind, and he desires to be trusted and worshiped, even in and through the storms of life, which only he can calm.