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Passage: Mark 6:14-29

Can I be neutral toward the Kingdom?

  1. Neutrality is actually antagonism.
  2. Neutrality is really moral corruption.
  3. Neutrality does not last forever.

King Herod is an interesting figure in the gospel narrative. When we read about his relationship with John the Baptist, we almost want to be sympathetic toward him, don’t we? After all, he did listen to John’s preaching. He was intrigued by it. He even protected John when Herodias wanted to have him killed. How should we think about King Herod? Was he a friend of the Kingdom of God? Enemy? Or was he indifferent, a neutral party of sorts? This text shows us that, ultimately, there is no third category for people. Jesus has come in power and authority, and all people everywhere will either call him their Lord or they will not. How does this truth inform your life today?


Mark 6:14-29 "Middle Ground?"

by Joel Carlson | The Gospel of Mark


Joel Carlson

Joel Carlson