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Passage: Mark 6:1-13

Unbelief is the primary enemy of the Kingdom. Ultimately, it is the foundation of all sin. As God’s Kingdom people, do we know what to do when encountering unbelief? What about when it takes root in our own hearts?

Beware the sin of unbelief.

  1. Unbelief has no excuses.
  2. Unbelief always makes excuses.
  3. Unbelief stifles Kingdom work.
  4. Unbelief invites judgment.

Christians talk generically about believing, but what does that mean? Believe in what? Biblically, belief means to trust in the power and promises of God. Unbelief is choosing to not think and act according to God’s power and promises. This text gives us a deeper understanding of unbelief, what characterizes it, and how God considers unbelief. Also, we see that the only remedy for unbelief is for God to do a transforming work in the hearts of unbelieving people. Jesus, by his life, death, and resurrection, can grant new hearts that truly trust Him. 




Joel Carlson

Joel Carlson