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Passage: Mark 5:1-20

We may think, though we wouldn’t say it, that some areas of reality are untouched by Jesus. He doesn’t go some places. Or, at best, we think there is an evenly matched, cosmic struggle between Jesus on the one hand and Satan on the others. Does redemption reverse what Satan has done?

Because the Kingdom of God directly confronts the work of the devil, we do not fear. Do not fear evil.

  1. Jesus enters into darkness.
  2. Jesus destroys Satan’s work.
  3. Jesus turns death to life.
  4. Jesus leaves a witness.

How much do you think about demons? Should we talk about them? Should we consider their role in the world, or is all of that just a little too weird? Mark 5:1-20 requires us to consider these entities, what they do, who they serve, and, most importantly, what Jesus is doing about it. Jesus and his glorious gospel affect every part of creation, and this certainly includes the unseen realm and the forces at work there. What confidence should we have, knowing that Jesus subdues even these historic enemies? Take courage, Christian! Your God is more than able to bring light to even the darkest place.