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Passage: Mark 4:21-25

Is God’s Kingdom a Lost Cause?

  1. Kingdom growth is guaranteed by the King. 
  2. Kingdom growth comes through Kingdom messengers.

The message of the Kingdom of God isn’t believed by everyone who hears it. It remains a mystery to some. Jesus knew this was the case, and spoke openly about it in Mark chapter four. Here is a question Christians might have: if the Kingdom of God is a mystery, then is the entire enterprise of evangelism a lost cause? Is there any chance of success?

Verses 21-25 of chapter four answer that question for us. Jesus guarantees his followers that, when the word of God is taken to people, people will believe. God is in the business of unveiling mysteries, and he is pleased to reveal the gospel to hard hearts. 

As we go into the world, seeking opportunities for kingdom growth, we do so with the full expectation that God is going to do what he says he will do. He will reveal the mystery of the gospel to many people until the day he returns.