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Passage: Mark 3:20-35

Since God alone defines his mission and motivations, we submit to those definitions.
We may not redefine anything about God.

God is on a mission. God is not just existing somewhere distant, occasionally checking in on how things are going on this earth he created. Since the start, he has had a plan in mind to restore all things to himself through the work of the Son and the Holy Spirit. He has revealed this mission in all its detail in his holy Bible. Yet, many voices have often sought to redefine God’s mission and motivations. There have been attempts to hijack what God is doing and give it a different, manmade purpose. The scene in Mark 3:20-35 is no exception. When Jesus’ own family and the religious elite attempt to redefine aspects of who God is and what he is doing, Jesus appropriately corrects and warns them. There is real danger in trying to redefine the things of God. How should we think about God and his mission? This text helps us to see clearly.

  1. God defines his Mission.
  2. God defines his Motives.