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Passage: John 1:4-13

The Word Brought New Life

  1. The Word brings a new hope
  2. The Word brings a new birth
  3. The Word brings a new world

And he who is mighty in battle, he will have the final word. The Word will have the final word, because he is the final word for mankind and no other word can overcome him. He reigns, the king of glory who will win the battle, Who will see all his enemies placed beneath his feet. Jesus Christ reigns over all and he is the only hope for mankind. And he will see to it, that his new creation will receive the fullness of the knowledge of the glory of God. That his kingdom will win. He will see to it that the nations will be discipled! And he will see to it that one day all things will be made new.


John 1:4-13 "The Word Brought New Life" (Advent 2022)

by Trent Powell | Advent 2022: The Word Became Flesh


Trent Powell

Trent Powell

Associate Pastor