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Passage: John 1:14,18

Delight in the Word made Flesh

  1. The Word entered Sin
  2. The Word became Sin
  3. The Word finished Sin

The Gospel is what our Church should be marked by. It is what people should see when they look at your home and your marriage. We are to be faithful image bearers of God imitating the Word who came to save us. So let us be people who are moved by the glorious beauty of the Gospel. May we seek to enter into this sinful world to tell other image-bearers of the Word who already entered sin, bore sin, and finished sin, calling them to place their delight in Jesus the eternal Son of God who took on flesh.


John 1:14,18 "The Word that became Man" (Advent 2022)

by Corey Newland | Advent 2022: The Word Became Flesh


Corey Newland

Corey Newland

Guest Speaker