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Passage: Mark 1:40-45

This story shows us Jesus’ heart of pity and compassion for the sinner. It also shows us the need for faith in the cleansing power of Jesus.

How can a sinner be made clean?

  1. Jesus makes us clean according to faith.
  2. Jesus makes us clean according to compassion.
  3. Jesus makes us clean totally and forever.

Throughout the Gospel according to Mark, Jesus heals many people of many afflictions and diseases. What is the motivation behind this healing? Does Jesus have something more than physical healing in mind when he ministers to a sinner? In this text, we see Jesus cleansing a man of his leprosy. Jesus does more than just take away a skin condition, though. Through the healing, the man becomes acceptable in the temple and in the community of God’s people. God has done the same for us in Christ! Through our cleansing, we are now acceptable in God’s sight and welcomed into the community of God’s people forevermore.



Joel Carlson

Joel Carlson