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Passage: Mark 1:21-28

Did Jesus Come With Authority?

1. Authority Over God’s Word
2. Authority Over God’s Enemies

Word spreads. And we want it to spread, and we help it to spread. Our hope is that every mind and heart would be faced with the authoritative Christ and every person would be forced to look up from the distractions of their own sin and pointless pursuits and come to terms with Jesus. Is he who history and the Bible claim he was? If he really did have ownership over God’s revelation and if he really does dispel the greatest enemies of God and man, is he not a Savior worthy of praise and adoration and devotion? Yes, he is. May we, like the small gathering in Capernaum so long ago, continue to be astonished by him today and forevermore.


Mark 1:21-28 "Authority: Part One"

by Joel Carlson | The Gospel of Mark


Joel Carlson

Joel Carlson