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Passage: 1 Timothy 5:17-25

How the Church cares for Elders

“None are more exposed to slanders and insults than godly teachers . . . They may perform their duties correctly and conscientiously, yet they never avoid a thousand criticisms.”

John Calvin

“As a pastor, you’d better be ready to fight for the gospel, but you’d better also be ready to war for your own soul.  You’d better be committed to being honest about the battles that are going on in your own heart.  You’d better be prepared to preach the gospel to yourself.  You’d better arm yourself for the inner conflict that greets anyone in ministry.”

Paul Tripp



1 Timothy 5:17-25 "How the Church cares for Elders"

by Greg Dirnberger | 1 Timothy


Greg Dirnberger

Greg Dirnberger

Church planter and senior pastor of Emmaus Road Church, in Sioux Falls, SD.