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Passage: Daniel 9:1-19

Seek God by prayer

  1. MP1: Pray with confession.
  2. MP2: Pray with praise.
  3. MP3: Pray with petition.
  4. MP4: Pray with faith.

Daniel was a man who prayed a lot. We see him praying at various episodes in this book, and Daniel 9 is no different. When Daniel learned that the exile was nearly finished, why did he pray? Shouldn’t he have gone to tell the rest of the exiles or let the king know the nation would be leaving soon? Daniel’s first recourse was to pray. He prayed to God, confessing sin and acknowledging God’s great attributes before asking that God would see the process through of releasing the people back into their own land. Today, what is the role of prayer in your life? What can God show you regarding prayer from the book of Daniel?



Daniel 9:1-19 "Daniel's Prayer" (Kings & Kingdoms)

by Joel Carlson | Daniel: Kings and Kingdoms


Joel Carlson

Joel Carlson