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Passage: Daniel 6

Is God the highest authority in your life?

This passage shows us that we can not elevate our own law above God’s. We can not forfeit what is right for what is popular. Even when wicked rulers do this, God’s purposes will win out. Where will that leave us? Will we stand for God’s truth?

MP1: The wicked stand against God’s authority.
MP2: The righteous stand for God’s authority.
MP3: All people will face God’s authority.

The popular story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den normally focuses on the character Daniel. This is mostly good! Daniel is faithful, trusts God, and is ultimately delivered. This is a great picture of how God cares for his people and desires them to live. What about the other characters in the story? The wicked satraps are the problem-causers here, and King Darius is conflicted regarding what is right and wrong. We know who Daniel’s highest authority is, but what about these other men? Who rules the satraps? Who rules Darius? We will see that there is no “middle ground.” Whether we are like the satraps (blatantly working against God) or like Darius (trying to be friends with God and the wicked world), there is really no difference. We are either sons of God or sons of the devil (John 8). The call today is to recognize this dichotomy and to live accordingly as Christians – working and praying to see God’s promised Kingdom continue to increase on the earth.


Daniel 6 "Darius and the Lions' Den" (Kings & Kingdoms)

by Joel Carlson | Daniel: Kings and Kingdoms


Joel Carlson

Joel Carlson