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Passage: Daniel 5

Do not harden your heart before God almighty

MP1: A hard heart worships falsely
MP2: A hard heart exalts itself
MP3: A hard heart forgets God’s promises

God is sovereign and just as he humbled Nebuchadnezzar to salvation, he humbled king Belshazzar to judgement. By his mercy, he restored one king and by his just judgement he condemned another. King Belshazzar was hardened by his sin, resulting in the loss of his kingdom and his life. This king serves as an example for us to be watchful and to guard our hearts so that we do not become hardened by sin’s deceitful nature. He also serves as a reminder of God’s mercy towards us and the great hope we have in Christ.


Daniel 5 "When a King is Humbled: Part 2"(Kings & Kingdoms)

by Trent Powell | Daniel: Kings and Kingdoms


Trent Powell

Trent Powell

Associate Pastor