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Passage: Daniel 2:24-49

Daniel 2:24-49 “The Fifth Kingdom” (Kings & Kingdoms)

What makes God’s kingdom the best kingdom?

  1. God’s kingdom comes from heaven.
  2. God’s kingdom will subdue all other kingdoms.
  3. God’s kingdom is ruled by the best king.

In Daniel 2, the King of Babylon has a dream that troubles him to the point of despair and even murder! Daniel, the Hebrew exile, goes to God, who gives Daniel the dream and its interpretation. When Daniel presents this revelation to the king, several things are made clear. First, Nebuchadnezzar is merely a man, limited and dependent upon God in Heaven.

Next, the kingdom of Babylon will not last forever, but the kingdom of God will only grow and increase in the world. The king responds in humble worship. Today, how do you think about world kingdoms? Do you consider that God’s kingdom is the only good and lasting kingdom this world will ever see? Do you know Jesus, the righteous king of the kingdom?


Daniel 2:24-49 "The Fifth Kingdom" (Kings & Kingdoms)

by Joel Carlson | Daniel: Kings and Kingdoms


Joel Carlson

Joel Carlson