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Passage: Mark 1:14-28

We are disciples of Jesus

So what is the center of our discipleship? The center of our discipleship is the Disciple Maker Jesus Christ. Every part of being a disciple of Christ is a movement towards and a telling of Jesus Christ and his greatness. And as those who the Savior has called by name into personal relationship, we choose follow him and him alone. In our pursuit of Jesus we necessarily will call each other in this room, as well as those outside, to join us in pursuing the Savior. This is the great joy of the Christian Disciple! We get to pursue the Jesus with all of our being, the one who is center of our discipleship.


Mark 1:14-28 "We are Disciples of Jesus"

by Corey Newland | We Are Disciples


Corey Newland

Corey Newland

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