The elders of Emmaus Road Church are very happy to announce that our church will be holding Sunday gatherings at a new time and location beginning March 10, 2019.

Our church body will gather to learn, sing, worship and fellowship at 324 N 5th Ave, Bozeman, Montana at 3:30 pm. The building belongs to Bozeman Church, a local body associated with the Christian Reformed Church of North America. The church has gathered in Bozeman since the 1940s, and we at Emmaus Road Church are very grateful to the leaders at BCRC for allowing us the opportunity to use their facilities.

Though meeting at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles building these past two years has been a tremendous provision of God, our church body has experienced changing needs and a new dynamic within our church body that has caused us to seek a new facility. Using the BCRC facilities will better accommodate our growing church body, increased need to meet the needs of infants, and will allow us greater opportunity for special events and regularly scheduled classes.

Please join us in our new location beginning March 10!