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Passage: Job 1

Intro: We underestimate/misunderstand the content and purpose of Job. This sermon is meant to bring appreciation and understanding to Job. We need the divinely-inspired Book of Job.

Outro: Jesus Christ has secured the victory over sin and death – both in our lives AND IN JOB’s.

Church, think about this – every awful day Job endured, every biting pain from the boils on his flesh, every dirty look from his relatives and friends, the emptiness of his children dying – all of it has found resolution at the cross of Jesus.

And though we are separate from this brother by millennia and geography – consider this…

Job, at this moment, basks in the presence of God the Son and Job no longer worries about his pain. He no longer wonders how everything will be resolved.

He doesn’t guess at the purposes of God because Job is with God. Right now!

Job’s suffering finds resolution at the victory of the cross, as does ours.

Job is a Christian book. For us. Today.


Introduction to Job

by Joel Carlson | Book of Job


Joel Carlson

Joel Carlson