As your pastors, we want to keep you in the loop on what we’ve been up to. Aside from pastoring, finishing school, leading families and (unsuccessfully) hunting elk, we had a wonderful experience this past week.

Kyle and I (Joel) were joined by our wives this past week as we headed to Indianapolis for the 2016 Sovereign Grace Pastors Conference. The three days of music, teaching, strategizing and fellowship were exceptional, to say the least. Our days were filled with several beneficial items, such as the times of musical worship led by Bob Kauflin, director of Sovereign Grace Music, joined by a team of wonderful vocalists and musicians from within the Sovereign Grace family of churches. We also heard from several pastors within Sovereign Grace Churches who delivered sermons geared around the topic of “Faith and Faithfulness.” Dr. John Piper also joined us to deliver the opening sermon Tuesday night. What a treat!

The highlight for us, though, was the fellowship we experienced and the care we received. I can’t even begin to recount all the different people who approached us to tell us how excited they were about our new church in Bozeman and to affirm our purpose of starting a Christ-centered church in our city. Our wives, especially, were blessed by other pastors’ wives who took time to connect with and pray for them.

Kyle and I had a lot of face time with other, experienced church planters who were eager to hear our story, ask questions and offer insight. Dry Creek South, please know that you are on the hearts and minds of churches from (including but not limited to…)

West Virginia
Minnesota (2)
Pennsylvania (3)
South Dakota

…and more. We’re excited about the partnerships in the gospel we have with these friends. We’re excited to be your pastors. Thanks for all you do. See you Sunday!

Also…here is the link to the sermons we heard!